1. Function Trading in Crude Oil and Oil products

Europe Oil Traders operation is a “virtual” integrated trading company.

Our work begins with heavy Crude Oil products to lighter Petroleum

products. We source and market as a principal and reseller on a global basis.

With clients around the world, our “shop” is open for business 24 hours a day,

which benefit our clients.

  1. Function Trading is the way we approach the markets

This is what sets Europe Oil Traders apart. Function trading is Europe Oil

Traders unique trading philosophy. The client dictates the function, whereby

Europe Oil Traders provides its professional expertise on an individual client

basis. Industry clients benefit from Europe Oil Traders prowess in

sourcing and marketing energy products on a global basis. Europe

Oil Traders customersenjoy the advantages from the company's skills in

business consultation.

  1. Our office and over 20 years of experience

Europe Oil Traders has its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Since its inception in 1998 the company has served the industry

and gradually expanded it’s horizons. With employees have been serving

the industry for more than 25 years.

  1. Earning your trust and long-term relationship is our highest goal

Teamwork is not restricted to within our company only but also includes the

way we work with our clients, around the world. We work very hard

to better understand the needs of our clients and are therefore remarkably

well positioned to function for both their medium as well as long-term needs.

Loyalty is a fundamental facet to Europe Oil Traders business. Earning your

trust and long-term relationship is our highest goal. We think global and act


  1. Our strong local presence adds enormous value to our clientele relationship

The world and the business is undergoing a constant, ever faster change.

Europe Oil Traders strives to improve, modernize, and adapt all aspects

of its business to the changing geopolitical climates. We are convinced

that our singular worldwide network, with their strong local presence adds

enormous value to our international clientele. Europe Oil Traders plays a

pivotal role in  business processes, marketing and Petroleum products.

Europe Oil Traders has many years experience in managing long-term

projects, especially across international frontiers.